Sunday, October 16, 2011

Piano Makeover

* 1 piano (preferably one in good condition inside but in need of some TLC outside)

* 1 electric sander

* 1 amazing husband (preferably your own...and preferably one who knows how to use the above mentioned sander)

* 1 quart of tinted primer

* 1 Quart of satin enamel paint

* various wood appliqu├ęs to beautify your worn out and possibly plain piano

* 2 (or more) enthralled children to cheer you on and "help" you paint

* 1 weekend with nothing better to do...well the desire to fix up your piano has to at least outweigh your never ending to-do list...enough to spend a weekend on it

(I'm having trouble getting the picture order right on my blogger app which is why we are going from the after to the before shots...)

The finished product.....

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