Wednesday, April 8, 2009

From the Concert! We were this close!

Britt Nicole - Live in Concert!!!

That's right! Emma and I went to her very first concert on Friday, April 3, and it was amazing! Seriously, she experienced every little girls dream of getting to meet a STAR and getting the star treatment in the process.

It was a very special Mother / Daughter evening. We started off with dinner - just the two of us, and then got to the concert early with seats of the front row! We had to wait about 30 minutes for the concert to start, so Emma decided to draw a picture for Britt...she had to do it on her lap, so it was a little hard, and her writing was a little hard to read, but it was sweet. She wanted to give it to Britt, but I told her I didn't know if we would have the opportunity to meet her, but that we would for sure get it to someone who knows her.

When Britt came out, everyone ran up to the stage, including Emma, who made her way right up to the front, and began bouncing to the music, waving her arms to the beat and clapping her hands - what a pro! I guess Britt got a kick out of her, and after the first song, she said "What's your name?" "Emma!" shouted Emma, and Britt yelled, "Everybody give it up for Emma!" You can imagine Emma's and my excitement! Everybody clapped and yelled - it was pretty cool.

The concert was amazing. What a great Christ-centered experience. In between her songs, Britt talked about her testimony, and calling. She challenged us to Shine for Christ, and to take each moment of everyday and live fully for Him - not wasting time or opportunities. (I'll post soon about the ways that Emma and I have taken the challenge, and about the ways that Emma has been shinning for Jesus)

After the concert, we waited for a little bit in the autograph line. It was getting pretty late by now, and they weren't allowing any pictures during autographs. A separate line was set up for that. I knew it would be too late to do both, so I thought we'd just be happy to meet Britt, give her the special picture that Emma drew, and get an autograph. WOW! Britt could not have been sweeter! She is just so cute, and fun, and she told Emma that she LOVED the picture, and would keep it always. Emma was in Heaven, and I was pretty psyched about the whole event - it was pretty special, as a mother, to watch these events unfold. We got her autograph, and then Britt said, "come give me a hug!" What!? - totally unexpected - totally cool. And to top it off, a lady who was taking pictures for the event snapped some pics of Emma handing Britt the picture she drew, and of Britt hugging Emma. Afterward, she gave me her email address, and said she send me the pictures! And THAT is how I got these amazing pictures of Emma and Britt. (Thanks so much, Annette!)

What more can I say!? It was so fun, and I hope that Emma and I have chance to do something fun like this again. Emma told me that the best part was just spending time together - Awwww...:)
I couldn't agree more.

(and a picture of the picture she drew)

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