Wednesday, October 1, 2008

First day of preschool

The kids had their first day of preschool on Sept. 2. They both absolutely LOVED it! They go 2 days a week, and we still have 3 days off, to just be, or do what we want. There was not a tear in sight with these two - they really didn't even notice that I left. As for Mommy - I was a little emotional - I'm not sure if I was tearing up because I'd just left my "baby" at school for the first time, or if it was because of my excitement over having some time to myself - IN the house! (That's NEVER happened before that I can recall.) Their teachers are great, and we're so excited about this year. Emma has a little group of girls there that she runs around with - hiding from "the boys! - ew!" Alex talks everyday about a little friend that he's made. His teachers told me that he helped them tell the story of Adam and Eve during Bible time - apparently he was really into it. They were impressed that he knew the story so well. :)