Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pro-Life Lobby Day!

Feb. 24th was Pro-Life Lobby Day at the Texas Capitol! Emma and I headed to Austin for the day to show support and Lobby for the Ultrasound Bill. We met some friends there, and heard from Gov. Perry, Lt. Gov. Dewhurst, AG Greg Abbott, Sen. Dan Patrick & more! Afterward we had a picnic lunch on the green, and signed in for our support of the Bill. It was a great day. Now that I've done it, and seen the difference it can make to get out there and stand up for the prolife cause, I'm looking forward to doing it again and again! Here's a link for more information on the Bill ... and here is an update about the hearing held last week... Please be praying about this bill - studies show that around 80% of women who go in for an abortion and then view an ultrasound of their unborn child chose life. Here are some pictures from the capitol....

February 2009

Well, I have no truly great excuse for not posting anything in THREE MONTHS!!! (other than the fact that we have ALL been rotating through illness and trips out of town since January!) Anyways, for now I'm just adding some pictures and quick captions. This will have to do for now....

Here's a picture of our Valentine's Day Treasure Hunt! It was so fun - I made up little rhyming clues, and had the kids going throughout the house searching for them. The kids loved the V-day goody bags. I think this tradition will be a keeper!